Dylan Wu

What Drives Dylan Wu?

The drive to become a professional golfer. It’s long and challenging, yet very rewarding. Dylan Wu gets that. His drive has been 20 years in the making. Since childhood, he dreamed about playing on the PGA TOUR. Achieving this goal was far from easy. That’s why Dylan took a holistic approach to his game and his health working to fuel his body, mind and spirit.


Maintaining strength and mobility is pivotal for professional golfers. For Dylan, that means full-body training two or three times a week. It also means implementing consistent recovery work and a nutrient-rich diet to fuel him on and off the course.


For Dylan, the mental game is just as important as the physical game. That’s why he makes time for mindfulness, has built a trusted team of support and finds time to unplug. So he can achieve clarity in big moments.


Dylan feels fortunate to have grown up with spirituality and religion in his life. His faith helps him stay focused on what matters most in this world—family, friends, relationships, and God. It helps him practice the values he values in others.

What Drives You?

Everyone, professional or not, has something that drives them—to be a better person, to achieve their dreams, to live healthier. Finding that drive and fueling your body, mind and spirit, is what helps us feel whole. AdventHealth is here to help you take positive steps​ toward improving your whole health.